Social Gaming and Development


      Social Gaming is one very interesting aspect of social media. First off its a big business almost 68.7 million people in America played social games in 2012, and the business brought in 3.06 billion dollars that just in the United States alone! Secondly, social gaming is huge on the international scene, its difficult to find numbers but 55% of ALL Facebook users said that they play social games, and pointing to my on experience in many games like WoW and battlefield the number of international players is amazing. So what does this mean for development? Well three points, development games, community building, and why video games are so successful, are all important regarding development. First we have already seen how face book social games can be used for development purposes like the “Are you game?” woman’s health game. Social games can be yet another avenue for development messages and information. Another thing that video games do is build community, both domestically and internationally. International development could make use of this social space in all the ways it makes use of social spaces. In addition IDEV could use video games could reach populations that normally are anti-social or are difficult to reach. Finally video games and social games make learning fun! Every action and piece of information learned is associated wit a reward, if your ICT4D has anything to do with educating anyone, you might want to take a little extra time to learn what you can from social games. They combine increasing difficulty, instantaneous reward, active participation, and they are fun which certainly increases the amount of learning. In any case games can be helpful in a development perspective.



2 responses to “Social Gaming and Development

  • dthunell

    It’s a little different, but I play chess online everyday against people literally all across the globe and it is really cool how not only the internet but video and board games have brought anyone closer together.

    I really hope that developers continue to combine social video games with development purposes to capitalize on all the people that play video games online. It really is an untapped market that could provide many dividends for future ICT4D investments/projects.

  • caroline

    This reminds me of our Tech Tools presentations earlier in the semester. We saw a variety of examples in the attempt to integrate development and entertainment. I believe if executed properly this could have far-reaching effects.

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