International Girls in ICTs Day: April 24th

Started in 2010 by the International Technological Union (ITU), the International Girls in ICTs Day is centered around the idea of celebrating and promoting female involvement in the international technology sector. While ITU itself does not put on any events for the day, it encourages all ICT related organizations and stakeholders to be involved, stating on their website, “these are events where girls and university students are invited to spend the day at the office of ICT companies and government agencies so they better understand the opportunities the ICT sector holds for their future.” The website also provides various resources and promotional materials for general International Girls in ICTs Day events and profiles of female role models in the technology industry from around the world. Additionally, they provide archives of current and past events for the day to encourage groups around the world to become involved in the cause. 

One event put on last year in Swaziland brought two communications companies in the nation together with 160 high school girls from around Swaziland in the first annual Girls in ICT Communications Installations Tour. The groups visited national and regional communications stations and viewed presentations from sector female and male professionals among other things. 

While the gender gap in the ICT sector around the world is far from solved, events and celebratory days like this are crucial to encouraging and promoting the involvement of women and girls in ICTs. The growth of events like these and the idea that girls and women can and should have equal roles as men in the technology industries play a large role in the path towards gender equality, access, and education.


2 responses to “International Girls in ICTs Day: April 24th

  • sydlicht

    I think our speaker on Thursday said it best when she mentioned how important it was that girls have the opportunity to see women thriving in this field. While there are many systemic reasons for professional gender inequity, in both developing and developed nations, mentorship provides the chance for these girls to look up to women who have worked hard to overcome challenges and to motivate them to continue working in school so they have similar opportunities in the future.

  • jgallag2

    The goals of this day are noteworthy and impressive but also it makes me nervous that it is just for show. It is good to encourage moral on this one day, especially in unity around the world. However I am wondering if all of these ICT related organization continue programs to promote girls specifically in ICT. I would rather see continual progress on smaller programs that a big event/day like this. Calling attention to the lack of girls in ICT prolongs peoples belief that they don’t belong there, instead we could implement programs and naturally allow that to happen.

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