Nepal ICT4D Resources

National ICT Policy:

Information Technology Policy, 2057 (2000)

Language: English

Date: 2000

Published by The National Information Technology Development Council


Information Technology Policy, 2067 (2010)

Language: Nepali

Date: 2010

Published by The National Information Technology Development Council


Government Websites:

National Information Technology Center (NITC)

Language: English

Date: 2010-2014


Office of Controller of Certification

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment

Language: English (documents in Nepali)

Date: 2012


Case Studies:

Emergency Training in Nepal

Date: 2011

Agency: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Nepal

Published by: ICT Humanitarian Emergency Platform

Goal: Improve communication and informational capabilities during earthquakes in order to create better, more efficient disaster responses.


External (Non-Governmental) Resources:

ICT Association of Nepal

Language: English

Date: Established in 2008

Information: NGO and non-profit that promotes ICT access throughout Nepal. Its mission is to increase knowledge exchange and technological skills in order to advance ICT for development.


ICT4E in India and South Asia- Nepal Country Study

Author: Kevin Donovan

Language: English

Information: Author explores the relationship between ICT and Education in Nepal as a method to improve overall development.


Note for Nepal ICT Research: Refer to such policies as “Information Technology” or “IT” policies as the titles of most Nepalese ICT documents leave out the word “Communication”. Also, authorship and ownership of policies, regulations, and guidelines are tricky to find, so pay attention to the different government departments and offices that the policies come out of.


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