Costa Rica ICT4D Resources

Costa Rica was on e of the first countries to embrace ICTs in Latin America, and access to telecommunications is considered a civil right. The ICT policies covering the government and telecommunications are included in two national plans: The Digital Government Action Plan 2008-2010, and The National Plan of Telecommunications.

Digital Government Action Plan, English 2010

National Plan of Telecommunications, English 2011

In 1988, to help close the digital divide, Costa Rica implemented the Educational Informatics of the Ministry of Education and the Omar Dengo Foundation project which was implemented in schools all over Costa Rica. This project focuses on utilizing educational digital technologies to make advances in education. The program exposes the children to technologies, especially computers, and also to explains to them the relevance and importance of these ICT tools. Because all of the teachers are trained beforehand, they are able to teach their students how to correctly use these tools for educational purposes.

Omar Dengo, English, 2002

Utilizing the development indicators from the World Bank, and the human development indicators from the Human Development reports, gives a good starting point on the background of a country. They let you know about the economic standing of the country as well as some disparities that may exist, which can help you better understand the reason for ICT failures and successes.

World Bank

Human Development Report

Costa Rica is a fairly easy country to study when exploring ICT4D. There is supple information, and the country continues to utilize more and more ICTs.


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