ICT4D Course Lessons

I think the most important lesson I took from this class is that understanding the local context is critical for the success of ICT4D initiatives. “One size fits all” initiatives will not help anyone, and they will probably fail. However, it happens too often that well-meaning individuals or organizations don’t consider local contexts and challenges. We saw this in the case of One Laptop Per Child.

There are a few different things to keep in mind when considering the local context. One is local language. Many people living in remote areas do not speak the “national language,” which is typically the colonial language. In many countries, there are few people beyond educated urban dwellers that speak the language of the government. Therefore, it is essential that initiatives use local languages. Related to this is local content. Initiatives should focus on giving people information that they need. An example of this would be an initiative aimed at fishermen that gives information on tides, currents, and any impending bad weather. Finally, it is important to remember local capacity. Many rural areas don’t have sufficient resources to support computer-based initiatives, or the electricity to keep phones charged. It is important, then, to work with pre-existing technology and resources. Keeping these things in mind will reduce the probability of failure.


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