Lessons Learned

There are a lot of people in the world who want to implement ICT4D projects. They have great intentions with great ideas. Good intentions and ideas is not enough when trying to develop a successful development project. When a project is not implemented correctly, it is difficult to see any lasting results. In this class we learned about what qualities make an ICT4D project successful and what makes it fail.


The most important thing I learned about the success of ICT4D implementation is that it is important to utilize existing technologies and that it is crucial to be culturally sensitive and relevant. Many times, ICT4D organizations throw new technologies at people. There are many issues with that. For one, the area may not have the correct infrastructure to support these ICT4D tools. Without proper training, these people will probably not be able to utilize these tools. If they do not find the technology relevant, they probably wont use the tool either. It is important to have someone that can teach how to use the new technologies as well as the relevance of it and how it will better their lives. Using existing technologies facilitates the transition. For example, M-pesa is a mobile banking organization in Kenya. They have been very successful because most of the Kenyan population already owns mobile phones. Their mobile banking works with any type of basic phone, and has had a huge impact on the lives of the people who use it. This project is relevant, and easy to use and that is why I think it has been able to help so many people.


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