South Africa ICT4D Resources

National ICT Policy:

National Integrated ICT Policy Green Paper

Language: English

Published By: Ministry of Communications

Date: January 24, 2014


Government Websites:

Ministry of Communications

Language: English


Case Study:

SIMPill Medication Adherence System

Agency: SIMPill, in partnership with Tellumat

Time Frame: June 2006 to April 2007.


External Resources

Understanding What is Happening with ICT in South Africa

Authors: Alison Gillwald, Mpho Moyo and Christoph Stork

Organization: International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada

This paper gives a great overview of ICT in South Africa, what areas have already improved, what challenges still exists and what efforts are currently being made. The executive summary gives a general overview and specific sections provide really useful and comprehensive information.


South Africa: Internet, Computers and ICT

Organization: Stanford University

This is a great compilation of useful and reliable resources regarding ICT in South Africa. The page has reports, articles and studies on everything from ICT in education to e-Business in South Africa. Includes titles, source information and hyperlinks. 


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