Benin ICT4D Resources

National ICT Policy

Benin ICT Sector Performance Review 

Last updated: 2010

Organization: Research ICT Africa

Language: English

Notes: Research ICT Africa is based out of Cape Town, South Africa and conducted a study of the situation of Benin’s ICT sector. The results were published in this review.

Government website: Minister of ICT (MCITC)

Komi Kutche

Language: French (translated to English)

Last updated: continuously

Case Study

Organization: Africa Rice

Time Frame: 1971-present

Other external resources

Benin’s 2014 Index of Economic Freedom

Note: This resource was useful in understanding the country’s business sector.

PanAfrican Research Agenda on the Pedagogical Integration of ICT

Author: Joseph Tamukong

Finding resources proved easy enough, but the range of studies and resources was lacking. Resources focusing on West Africa were more common than specifically Benin. These were useful in comparing Benin with its neighboring countries. Overall, I was pleased with the amount of resources available considering the country’s small size and lack of global attention.



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