Chile ICT4D Resources

National ICT Policy:

Agenda Digital Imagina Chile, 2013-2020
Language: Spanish
Published By: Executive Secretary of Digital Development
Date: May 17, 2013
Notes: provides a detailed description of Chile’s national ICT development strategy for 2013 to 2020, not yet available in English

Digital Development Strategy, 2007-2012
Language: English
Published By: Ministry of Economics, Committee of Ministers for Digital Development
Date: December 2007
Notes: provides a detailed description of Chile’s national ICT development strategy for 2007 to 2012, program before Imagina Chile


Government Websites:

Ministry of Economy – Government website for the Chilean Ministry of the Economy, Development, and Tourism (Spanish)
Executive Secretary of Digital Development – Government website for the Executive Secretary of Digital Development and the Sub-Secretary of Telecommunications; includes section about Chile’s digital development and ICT strategies (Spanish)
Digital Development Documents Center – Direct link to the Document Center on the Executive Secretary of Digital Development’s website; archives and categorizes documents produced by the government and NGOs pertaining to ICT development and national policy/strategy (Site in Spanish, most documents in Spanish but several in English)


Case Study:

Enlaces, Center of Education and Technology
Agency: Ministry of Education
Time Frame: 1990’s to present

ICT in Education Policy and Practice in Chile: Does it Correlate?
Authors: Mario Brun and J. Enrique Hinostroza
Agency: Institute for ICT in Education, University of La Frontera
Date Published: 2008


External Resources:

Digital Agenda Chile 2013-2020 Summary
Language: English
Organization: Pais Digital Foundation
Notes: provides a brief outline of each section in the Agenda Digital Imagina Chile report and the stated strategies, lines of action, initiatives, indicators, current data, and specific goals


The Digital Development Strategy published by the Chilean government is extremely detailed and available in English. However, this only covers the country’s strategy for 2008 to 2012. The government has created a new ICT development program to begin where the Digital Development Strategy ends, titled Digital Agenda Imagine Chile. This report is also extremely long and detailed, however, it is not available anywhere in English yet (as far as I can tell). I would have preferred to use the new Imagine Chile report to analyze the country’s current strategies for 2013-2020 but I do not have the skills to translate the entire document. I was able to find a PDF published by the Pais Digital Foundation which provides a brief summary in English of the Imagine Chile report. Hopefully, the government will soon publish an English version of the report.


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