Democratic Republic of Congo ICT4D Resources

1. Developments for a National ICT Policy**

Autorité de régulation de la poste et des télécommunications du Congo, or ARPCT, acts as the ICT regulation authority. The official website link has been broken for a while (which speaks to the country’s level of ICT development), but the World Bank’s DR Congo Country Report offers a brief description.
Last update: June 2007
Published by infoDev
Language: English

The Global Information Society Watch describes the DRC’s main ICT challenges in this country report.
Last update: 2007
Published by Global Information Society Watch
Language: English

NEPAD e-Africa Programme
Last update: 2012
Published by The New Partnership for Africa’s Development
Language: English (also available in French)

2. Government website
Since the government does not officially support any ICT initiatives, it has a limited government website that seems to only be available in French.

3. Case Studies

DRC joins WACS
Organization: Alcatel-Lucent (French global telecommunications equipment company)
Project: West Africa Cable System
Time frame: N/A

4. Non-governmental resources

Author: The World Bank
Development Indicators for DRC

Author: Global Information Society Watch
DRC’s Access to Online Information & Knowledge

5. Notes
Finding reliable information about the DRC’s ICT status was difficult because the sector is very underdeveloped. A lot of my conclusions were drawn from this lack of information as well as ICT success theories.

**Since the DRC does not have an officially established national ICT policy, the resources listed here are from the private sector programs that have been pushing to establish effective rules and regulations for ICT usage and implementation.


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