Lessons In ICT4D

One of the key problems with most International Development programs  is the lack of government involvement. In our class we studied several case studies that failed due to this oversight. Though in most cases this may be the most frustrating and difficult channels to get through, the government is essential when it comes to necessary policy changes. This is most clear in cases of gender rights for females in IDEV, who often are restricted by laws to have the same or equal rights to men. Without the government it is often hard to truly see lasting results. As development continues to exhibit innovative ways to get past these barriers, no matter how small, the government will eventually get involved, and this is crucial to secure any lasting positive results. Additionally, governments can be great sources of funding for projects that they support.


In our last class we discussed best practices in ICT and it was enlightening to see that we came up with more best practices than worse.  As a class we illustrated that it is much more crucial to focus on what must be done and the right way to accomplish it instead of focusing on all of the things to avoid (which can really diminish the goals of the project) Most times a project fails is when it is a top-down approach, that doesn’t truly consider the intended audience. Bottom up approaches whereby the language, culture, religion and everything henceforth is considered creates a project capable of having the power to create significant positive changes. Bottom up approaches include many of the best practices we highlighted including, as stated above, government involvement, transparency, online AND offline access and monitoring and evaluating.


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