Colombia ICT4D Resources


1) National ICT Policy: Vive Digital

Colombia’s national ICT policy is outlined through El Plan Vive Digital,  an initiative sponsored by the Ministry of Information and and Communications Technologies (MinTIC). This link includes a short introductory video, an outline of the plan, policy goals, Colombia’s demand for ICT etc. A pdf of the government publication outlining the plan is availble here

Data is from 2011

Content language: Spanish

2) The Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones is responsible for overseeing Vive Digital. Link to their website here (content is in Spanish)

3) Here is a link to a study (in English) conducted by the Center for Information & Society at the University of Washington  and the Instituto de Estudios Peruanos that discussed the impact of ICT training programs in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. The Colombian programs highlighted were through the Centro Juan Bosco Obrero, Teleton Colombia, and Cirec (site of the latter is currently under construction).

4) Additional Resources:

Colombia Digital: information on Colombia’s policy (English)

Pro-Ideal: Colombia ICT summary and policy overview (English)

Latin Lawyer: Information on ICT legislation and rights (English)

5) Due to the popularity and relative success of Vive Digital, it is fairly easy to access information on Colombia’s ICT policy. That being said, the most up to date content is often only available in Spanish.


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