Lessons learned

The most important lessons we learned this semester were about failure. Too often in IDEV classes, we get caught up in success, but learning about failure is most important because it allows us the opportunity to learn. Successful ICT projects require thinking about things from many angles. Giving laptops to children is useless, for example, unless the children also know how to use them, repair services are available, and internet and power infrastructure exists. The overall most important lesson I take away from this class is flexibility. We’ve seen many examples of how projects fail, but the ones that are successful are the ones that are flexible.

In any development project (and most things in life), flexibility is the most important attribute to have. We live in a rapidly changing world. Even in my lifetime, technology has progressed in unimaginable ways.  To be successful in this world we need to be willing to adapt and we need to know how to learn quickly. Because of this class, I have begun thinking about technology in my everyday life from how something works to how it can be used to change the world.

Flexibility is the most useful theoretical framework to teach in this class, but it is difficult to teach in a theoretical way. I’ve learned most by reading about different projects and learning from our guest speakers who brought real world knowledge with them to our class. I’ve enjoyed this class. I have learned to think as a more technologically competent person. This attribute will help me in any career, development or otherwise.


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