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ICT4D Should Be About People, Not Technology

This keynote speech by Kentaro Toyama has pretty much summed what I have learned in this course.  ICTs are great in aiding development projects, but are not the answer to solving the problems of underdeveloped countries.  Toyama provides great examples about fishermen in India, which has been a discussion topic in the course.

Cyber Security for e-Banking

As ICT4D expands in several sectors not only in the U.S., but other parts of the world, there is a much greater need for cyber security.  Last month, there was a Cyber Security Africa seminar located in Kigali, Rwanda.  Professionals in various industries all met for one day to discuss innovative security practices and other leading research in the field.  Alex Kioni, a worker in Security Systems at IBM East Africa proposed that a possible solution would be to switch over to cloud-computing, a concept that we discussed in class this week. Kioni believes that this would streamline IT management for businesses that have an online presence.

In addition to banking, other business such as RwandAir and PayGate Kenya are collaborating to prevent fraud with their Online Booking Engine.  So far, their partnership has been mutually beneficial, as thousands of fraud attempts have been recorded, but none have successfully bypassed the PayGate systems.  Maybe cloud computing systems is the way to go in ICT4D?