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Charities and the Incorporation of Social Media

With the phenomenon of social media comes a number of innovative and inventive ways for it to be used by a variety of sources.  One of these groups that has begun to tap into how to use social media to expand its purposes is charities.  According to the Social Media Today article, charities have discovered a number of innovative ways to utilize social media websites, such as facebook and twitter, in order to further their aims.

  1. Tweet-a-Thons: A tweet-a-thon is when an organization asks its supporters to tweet as much as possible in a certain time period about their cause.  They hope that this will cause their organization to go viral, especially through the use of hashtags, as well as links to the organizations website.
  2. Facebook: Creating a page for an organization that a person can then “like” and interact with will encourage that person to then become more involved and aware in what the charity is doing.
  3. Youtube: A video on youtube that outlines and highlights the charities aims and goals can then be linked by supporters to other forms of social media, effectively spreading the word.

However, there can be a number of problems with this form of advertising for charities.  For instance, many people may believe that just because they are linking to the page of an organization, they are effectively helping.  However, this belief leads to problems for the organization, since they need this awareness to lead to donations.  Also, through posting on multiple sources, often the messages of these organizations can become skewed from their intention, since they have gone through so many different channels.