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Ecuador ICT4D Resources

1. ICT Policy layout written in 2007 in English by Valerie Betancourt from GIS. Note: This is an analysis and lay out the policy, the White Paper, but I am unable to find an online link of this specific document in Spanish or English. The White Paper Was written by CONATEL in 2006.

2. CONATEL and SENATEL wrote the White Paper in collaboration with each other.

3. Case Study: Conserving Ecuador’s Mangroves with ICT’s, project by C-CONDEM, and the project has already gone through a phases and is currently in independent continuation with GIS.

4. GIS analysis of policy (linked above), ITU’s National e-Strategies for Development Global Status and Perspectives Report 2010

5. There were certain thing that were pretty easy to find for Ecuador, but this was mostly broad statistics and information. My biggest struggle, however, was not necessarily finding information, but finding current information. I really did not find much after the year of 2007 or 2008, making it difficult to evaluate the current ICT situation of the country.


Government Push for National ICT4D in Ecuador

Ecuadorian National ICT Resources

  1. National ICT Policy/Plan/Strategy

This article discusses Ecuador’s National ICT plan when ICT discussion became prevalent in 2007 some years after the 1999 financial banking crisis. However, it takes a very theoretical approach to ICT policy without very specific information on how this national policy will be organized for implementation. This plan was written in part by the following organizations:

CONATEL (National Council for Telecommunications)

SENATEL  (National Secretary for Telecommunications)

Last Updated: 2007     Language: Spanish

CONATEL, National Strategy for Electronic Government

Public Google Document   Language: Spanish

2. Government Website/Webpage

National Plan for Universal Access and Digital Readiness, On-line Government and Broadband Development          Last Updated: 2/21/13      Language: Spanish

3. External (non-government) Resources

GISWatch serves as a compilation of various reports including the original CONATEL “Libro Blanco” or White Paper on Developing Ecuador’s Information Society.

  • Other ICT Policy Reports Included:

GIT “Report 2012: Living in a Hyperconnected World

International Telecommunication Union 2012 “Measuring the Information Society

4. Notes on Research Process

Although it was initially difficult for me to find ICT policy work or even statistics, I found that there is plenty of information available if searched in Spanish. In doing so I was able to find a number of Spanish government documents since Ecuador especially has multiple government organizations working in telecommunications. Although this does mean that there is duplication and overlap of work, it does provide researchers with a number of resources to choose from including MINTEL, CONATEL, SENATEL, CONARTEL and SUPTEL. Additionally, I would highly recommend a strong knowledge of Spanish in order to navigate the many government documents available on Ecuador’s National ICT Policy.