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Thailand National ICT Resources

Thailand’s National ICT Policy Framework

  1. IT2000
  2. IT2010: Information Technology Policy Framework 2001-2010: Thailand towards a Knowledge-Based Society

    • Thailand’s National ICT Policy Framework used to form the Second Master Plan
    • Published on November, 2003 by the Ministry of Science and Technology
    • Language: English
      • For the Thai version click here
  3. IT2020: Executive Summary, Thailand Information and Communication Technology Policy Framework (2011-2020)

    • Thailand’s National ICT Policy Framework
    • Published in May 2011 by the Ministry of Science and Technology
    • Language: English
      • For the Thai version click here


ICT Indicators Initiatives in Thailand: Progress and Lessons Learned

  • Written by Phumisak Smitkupt and Kasitorn Pooparadai of the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Distributed at the WSIS Thematic Meeting, February 2005
  • Langauge: English


Thailand’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

  • Website of Thailand’s Ministry of ICT
  • Language: English
    • For the website in Thai, click here


National Broadband Policy

  • Published by the Ministry of ICT
  • Language: English


ASEAN ICT Masterplan

  • Published by the ASEAN Secretariat in 2011
  • Language: English


Policy Statement of the Council of Ministers

  • The Royal Thai Government’s Policy on ICT
  • Last updated in August 2011
  • Language: English


Country Report: Thailand

  • Published by the Ministry of Science Technology and Environment in November 2001
  • Language: English


The Role of Thailand and Ministry of ICT within the International Telecommunications Union

  • Published by the Ministry of ICT
  • Last updated July 2012
  • Language: English

Viet Nam National ICT Resources

Please find these new resources (you can look at the older blog post for the ITU, WEF, EIU, and World Bank citations).

  1. Latest National ICT Policy:

    Approving the strategy on vietnam information and communication technology development till 2010 and orientations toward 2020.Authored by: Phan Van Khai, Prime Minister
    Date: October 6, 2005
    Language: English

  2. Previous National ICT Policy:Master Plan for Information Technology Use and Development in Vietnam by 2005

    Authored by: Ministry of Information and Communications
    Date: July 17, 2002
    Language: English
  3. CIA World FactbookThe world factbook: Vietnam

    Authored by: Central Intelligence Agency
    Date: January 2013
    Language: English

  4. ICT sector in Vietnam:

    Authored by: UK Trade & Investment
    Date: January 7, 2013
    Language: English

  5. Good sources for other information:UNESCO
    Viet Nam Ministry of Information and Communications

Brief overview of differences between Approving the strategy on vietnam information and communication technology development till 2010 and orientations toward 2020 (2005 plan) and Master Plan for Information Technology Use and Development in Vietnam by 2005 (2002 plan) :

  • The 2002 plan actually mentions a project for national security and defense (“Using and Developing IT in National Defense”) and characterizes the area as being a “prioritized sector” in which to promote IT use, but the 2005 plan focuses more heavily on education and the economy.
  • Although both plans are very detailed, the 2005 plan seems to be more redundant and has several measurable objectives that seem to be more idealistic than those found in the 2002 plan. That being said, the 2002 plan is not as clear on actual measurable objectives except for in a few sections of the plan.
  • The 2005 plan introduces the idea of an “electronic Viet Nam” where everything, even the citizens should be “electronic”. There is more of a vision in the newer plan than the previous one.

Both are well written, and there is a clear progression from the 2002 plan to the 2005 one. It seems that Viet Nam knows more about what it wants to achieve in the 2005 plan.

Ukraine National ICT Resources

It was somewhat difficult to find one clearly defined ICT plan, however finding information on national ICT policies and programs, and ICTs in Ukraine in general, was fairly easy. Ukraine has prioritized the development of ICT and the transitioning to an information society, so it was easy to find sources, essentially all of which were available in English.

Government Resources

1) The State Agency for Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine (DKNII) is the government agency responsible for ICT policy. Their official website includes information on programs and legislature regarding many aspects of ICT such as e-Government, regulatory policies, and collaborative efforts with the EU, among many other helpful resources.

2) Strategy for Development of Information Society and Informatization 

From: The National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization, the national commission created specifically to implement state policies regarding information society development.

Non-Government Resources

3) The National ICT Sector and Policy Appraisal Report

From: The Strategic Cooperation in Ukraine, Belarus, and EU in Information and Communication Technologies (SCUBE-ICT)

Date: 2010

Language: English

4. Prospects of Information Society Development in the Ukraine in the European Integration Context

From: EU Working Papers

Date: 2007

Language: English

5. ICT Country Profile: Ukraine 

From: USAID Regional Competitiveness Initiative Project

Date: 2011

Language English

China National ICT Resources

The official ICT national policy of China is listed as the ‘State Informatization Plan’. Informatization isn’t a phrase that’s used very frequently, so make sure it doesn’t auto-correct to ‘information’ or ‘informational’ if you are searching for information. Other useful things to search for include the 5-year plans, which usually include goals related to technology & development.

1) National Policy Overview – It’s unclear whether the entirety of the policy itself is available in English or not. However, these are two power points that I think provided a good overview of the policy itself.

2) World Bank Reports and Resources– This should probably be the first place you go.  It’s an all around great resource for any country, so I’d recommend starting with the ICT home page and searching ‘China’ (or any other country) plus other key words for relevant information. You can also visit Worldbank.org/chinaict to view chapters of a book related to China’s national strategy. Here are some resources within the World Bank that I recommend:

3) Industry Overview – Two excellent reports on the state of the the ICT industry & market in China.

4) DataTrading Economics has a good master list of ‘communication’ indicators in China. Additional indicators are available on the World Bank website.