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Cyber Security: Fighting Back In Uganda

In this week’s lecture by Ralph Russo and previous discussion about cyber security I was intrigued about the extent of cyber security protocols and standards that are present in Uganda. From my research on ICTs in the business and industry sector in Uganda I was aware that security for both the companies and the consumer was an issue. The above video gives a wonderful overview of the effects of cyber crime on businesses, with losses ranging in the billions of shillings (1 USD to 2,160 USH), and that NITA-U has set up a task force to create safe e-commerce networks.

NITA-U isn’t the only task force on the cyber security scene though. A February All Africa article shares that  the Computer Warehouse Group (CWG)  partnered with Symantec in order to provide security storage and management solutions to one of Africa’s fastest growing telecommunications companies. But its not just the private sector that is standing up against cyber crime. In a 2013 article from IT News Africa the Ugandan government also established a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) under the country’s Communications Commission (UCC) in order to more effectively  detect cyber crime. CERT is equipped with state of the art equipment and IT experts that will aid in the continuos and growing battle against cyber crime in conjunction with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

With the pace that technology is evolving it seems like an immeasurable feat to keep up with the high rates of cyber crime and as Ralph Russo shared with us it is important to keep connections with those entities attempting to put a stop to cyber crime. As seen in examples above Uganda is creating a firm platform, consisting of both public and private organizations, aimed to stop cyber crime and create a more secure environment for businesses to grow and thrive.

Uganda National ICT Resources

National ICT Policy

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology: Draft Telecommunications Policy

  • Date: January 2011
  • Creator: Ugandan Ministry of Information and Communications Technology
  • Language: English
  • Note: This is the best policy to use for the purpose of the Short Paper. It was a bit confusing to find the most recent ICT-related policy, especially considering that many of the policy documents had not actually been enacted. Based my research and discussions with Jessica, we concluded that the Draft Telecommunications Policy was the most appropriate choice for the paper. In addition to information about the Draft Policy, this document includes a detailed situation analysis, which I found to be extremely helpful.

Government Websites

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology: Policy Documents

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology: The National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U)

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology: NITA-U Policies

External Resources

World Summit on the Information Society: Uganda’s Working Document

  • Date: February 2003
  • Creator: World Summit on the Information Society
  • Language: English

“Uganda: Nation Approves Four New ICT Policies”

  • Date: March 2012
  • Creator: Paul Tentena, East African Business Week
  • Distributor: AllAfrica Global Media
  • Language: English
  • Note: New policies are National Information Technology Policy, E-Government Policy Framework, Postal Policy, and Analogue to Digital Migration Policy.