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Rwanda ICT4D Resources

1.) National Information and Communications Infrastructure (NICI)

The national ICT policy in Rwanda was enacted by the Republic of Rwanda Ministry of Youth & ICT in an effort to become a knowledge-based society. The current phase of the plan, NICI III or NICI 2011-2015, was enacted in 2011 and has not been updated since. PDF files of NICI I-III are available at the link provided, all of which are published in English.


2.) Ministry of Youth & ICT

Rwanda combines Youth Development with ICTs under one governing Ministry. This is the ministry responsible for overseeing Rwanda’s national ICT policy. However the Ministry also indicates partnerships with the Rwanda Development Board and Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency.


3.) Non-Government Resources

The Rwanda ICT Chamber is a great resource because it is a member of the Private Sector Federation (PSF) that acts as an agent to support ICT sector development .

I also found IST-Africa to be very helpful, as they provide a lot of information and resources regarding African nations’ ICT policies, initiatives and research.


4.) Notes

Coming from a large, knowledge-based society it can be difficult to gather research from a very small, developing nation. You’re not going to find exact numbers and information will be ambiguous at times. Be patient. This may seem trivial, but make sure you use search engines like Google Rwanda rather than Google alone. This well help you sort through a lot of useless information and deliver you a few reliable .rw results rather than a ton of questionable .com results.