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Cyber Invasion

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0GmwMl8FIY (VIDEO REMOVED)

Any fan of The Office is familiar with Michael Scott’s pollyanna demeanor, as evidenced in the first 15 seconds of this clip pertaining to e-mail scamming. A major discomfort with modern cyber-hacking is that people are often unaware that their information is shared and exposed to others whom they did not directly designate access. While e-mail scams have been around for years, and many people have learned to “know one when they see one,” today’s information sharing through ICTs is increasingly less obvious–and thus more alarming. As reported by the New York Times, companies that fall victim to a hack are hesitant to report the situation out of fear of losing face. Check out the following article to see how several nations have addressed cyber-crime and why extensive awareness is necessary. As Chief Inspector Eric Loermans asserted, “There’s no crime anymore where there are no digital components built in.”