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Women As Party Favors And Eye Candy: The Latest Tech Marketing Meme

The article focuses less on why a smaller amount of women are in the tech industry and more on the sexist behavior of men in tech. She mentions a few different circumstance where women in the tech world were being discriminated. For example, Sqoot advertised in Boston listed “women” as one of the perks. After reading the ad, a man noted the offensive language on Twitter. Sqoot claimed that they were trying to make a joke about how tech is a male-dominated field.

This idea that “tech is for bros” also occurs elsewhere. The company Geeklist exploited a women as apart of their branding, which also received backlash. The main point of Cassidy’s blog is how negative treatment of women in the tech world is beginning to be recognized and addressed. She says, “In the past week, social media has simply shone a light on what the tech environment is really like…In a world where not we’re not exactly welcome (unless we’re serving beer to the hardworking hackers) being nice isn’t going to serve us very well. The problem isn’t our skill set or ambition – it’s our attitude. And if it doesn’t change, the gender breakdown in tech is going to stay the same.”