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Underground Sewers to Wastelands


Newer is  better, that’s “the first law of the digital age”. Inside all of the electronic materials that we constantly rely on and dispose of are toxic chemicals and metals. These products, once dumped are called e-waste, and are shipped from the US to countries all over the world.

E-waste is the fastest growing component of municipal waste world wide. Land fills already taken over by styrofoam, paper, plastics and so on are being toppled over by e-waste. The toxic materials built into all of these systems creates highly deadly dumps, placed near many rural villages.

The US alone throws out ~130,000 computers- DAILY, and over 100 million cell phones annually. Sending our garbage over seas is irresponsible and doesn’t solve the problem of excessive waste, just displaces it. American companies make more by sending recyclables and e-waste abroad, where they have cheaper manual labor. Lower income labor means more hazardous conditions for the workers as well as less training to teach them how to correctly disassemble products.

Further more, the import of materials into places, such as Hong Kong, is illegal by US and Chinese law. The chinese town (Gway-Yu) in this clip has one of the highest levels of cancer causing dioxins in the world. the list of effects goes on and it is clear, pollution has ruined this town. E-waste is a political , ethical, environmental and prevalent issue that must be addressed with real laws and actions.