Apple Increases App Store Security

Use of mobile phones has been drastically increasing, especially throughout the developing world. In more recent times, the use of smart phones has been at the forefront of this drastic increase, even in the developing world where it is happening slowly but surely. The use of Apple iPhones and iPads are some of the most common types of smart phone technologies that have been exploding everywhere. With the growth of this use there has also been a dramatic growth in use of Apple mobile apps. Because of these apps, people now have the ability to do many things. Amongst some of these things, is the ability to store massive amounts of very important information in a single handheld device. Therefore, because of this extreme increase in use, there has also been a rapidly growing amount of attacks aimed at Apple users in attempts by hackers to take over their accounts. A prime example is that these accounts are being used by hackers to purchase expensive apps.

As of only a few days ago, Apple launched a new security campaign to tackle this issue and further increase their measures to prevent an account from being compromised. These new security measures now asks users to choose from three security questions and answers in order to download an app from the app store. Also, they are now requiring a back-up email to be created just incase the primary email is in any way compromised. For all you Apple users out there, if this has not happened to you yet do not fret because so far this additional security measure is only aimed at accounts that may have previously triggered a red flag for some reason.

This new security measure that is beginning to be launched throughout Apple products may at first be viewed as extra precautionary and kind of annoying and at even times confusing to users. However it is essential that companies take heed to Apple’s example and begin to set up security measures like this as well. Security with mobile phones use is an ever increasing concern as use of mobile phones, especially smart phones, is expanding all over the world in both developed and developing countries alike. Hopefully other mobile phone companies will begin to develop measures such as this in order to protect mobile users as much as possible.

Apple Ratchets up App Store Security 


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